Tina has a wealth of industry experience and is thoroughly professional, objective and knowledgeable. We paid for her services in order to receive an accurate independent appraisal prior to placing our home on the market. We are very glad we did, as we were to have listed at lower than her evaluated price, leaving significant money on the table. How do I know this? We just sold our home at exactly the price Appraisal Solution evaluated it. - Shannon C.

This company recently did an appraisal on our home, they were professional and on time. They did a thorough look through of our home and rated it very well. I would definitely use them in the future. - Kathleen Kilmarx

Tina is my first call or recommendation whenever someone asks me for an appraisal referral. She is thorough in her analysis, and she is very resourceful in making sure everything is accounted for, from neighborhoods to upgrades, and from truly comparable comps to market trends. As a licensed Realtor she understands both sides of the transactions, and gives great communication. I have been referring Tina for a few years now, and all our mutual clients have been very satisfied with her work, reports, and efficiently. If you need an appraiser, you should use the services of Tina Burke at Appraisal Solution. - Katie Larson

I have worked with Tina for the past several years (I am a Realtor). She is super experienced, professional, smart as a whip--and a lovely person to boot. She has been a great resource for me in situations where my clients have received inaccurate appraisals from appraisers that were not from the area, or just plain lazy. She has also been able to assess "tricky" properties where the more simplified comparative analysis we as agents run. Her knowledge and expertise have saved more than one deal for me and for my clients, and I have learned a lot from her, which in turn has enabled me to better serve my clients, I have absolutely no qualms about referring Kristina, as I know my referrals/ clients will be in very capable, and professional hands. - Anne Marie Reggie